Hi, thank you for reading. Really. It means a lot to me that you come by. I didn’t expect to see so many people honestly. There have been some big names stop by, and even a few repeat visitors that I hold a high opinion of. I’ve made a few friends, and have already learned a lot about blogging and social networking. I tried a little Alert Mailing Experiment, wrote some advice for writing content, and many other random things.

I find myself needing to post. Not to “keep the traffic coming”, but to keep youhappy. I feel honestly bad when I see that people have come by my blog only to find that it hasn’t been updated. I had such gusto when I started, as I would guess most people do when they start their very first blog. The wind may have faded from the sails, but the ship will sail on…

That said, there are new projects that I have been working on, and do plan on posting about. Some SEO related, and others just useful sites I’ve found on the web. Until then check out The Cats, a new section I’ve added where I will be posting some cat related images and “how to” posts for cat lovers and owners. I plan on posting images of your cats too, but you’d need to send them to me first. You can email me at zak.nicola @ gmail.com with images and captions, fair warning, no captions = me making them up. 😀