I was not a cat person at birth. I had a dog when I was a small boy, and used to chase the neighborhood cats with him. One day in Tahoe, I met a cat named Skater. This was not my cat, nor had I changed my mood much since a child about cats. Skater didn’t seem to take much notice to that as he proceeded to make my lap his new chill spot for the next few hours. It’s been a long time since that day, and I miss Skater more than most of the people I met in school. I have from that do forward had a cat to call my own. I now have two cats, Shadow is the white ball of fluff on the left, with Moxie Crime Fighter (yes, her name) on the right hand side.

The Cats
I love them both equaly.

I will be writing more about them as they are quite amazing, and I love them so. Love your cat like I do? Send me pictures of your cat with a short discription about them or what they are doing in the image and I will include it in my cat’s of the web section that is coming soon.

My Morning Surprise