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I found out about a new search site today called Stumpedia. It’s based on user interaction and submission. You search for a term, see that there are no results, and add a link to something that you think would fit the bill. Sounds great right, yeah I thought so, I can make my own SERPs page!

Interesting Points about Stumpedia

  • Quick and Easy profiles
  • Voting system to combat spam
  • URLs can be tagged with multiple key words
  • Most Recent Activity on home page
  • Nothing in place to stop the spam

I made mention of the site to a few people here in my office, and they took to it like wild fire.

Matt Cutts was here

The site has alot of potential, but that swings both ways. Will it be overran with Black Hats and White Hats with gray linings? Will real people that are actually searching for things use it? Is Matt Cutts really watching????

Update: TheGypsy pointed out that “voting is global not on a query basis and the default for stuff seems to be wiki”

So if you’ve summited a URL for five varying key words and your site gets a -1 point on KW A, that -1 point will go to the URL across all terms you’ve submitted it to.


Comic about doing the Google Dance

It takes real manager skills to market information that the general public has access to. If the market that your are really focused on has access to advanced information, then the real challenge of the managing skills comes into play. Tracking the source of the information, and managing the creation of information are just parts of the puzzle. The really advanced access to your information must be managed as well. What does this all mean? Nothing, but if I were to try to rank for a phrase like “real marketing manager of advanced access” would this content help? Only time and Google can tell. Until then, I’m sure to be doing what I can to help the cause.

Everyone seems to have their own ideas and opinions on the subject of Keyword Density. Check your favorite SEO blog (don’t have one?) and I’m sure you’ll find an article or two on the subject.

While I have not directly posted on the subject before today, I have touched on the subject in my article about writing content. The post is also a representation of what I think is a good use of keywords in the content, also known as “Keyword Density,” as well as an example of a few other tactics to help your content get found in the search engines.

So, instead of following the pack and writing a report of the perfect ratio of content/keywords, I thought I’d post something a bit different. Read the rest of this entry »

Tune in tonight for new post on keyword density and keyword stuffing. See the differences from a white hat and black hat point of view and make sure you’ve got your terms and terminology down straight.
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The content writing advice that I’m about to give you is not what you may have learned in school. Last I checked, they don’t even have classes for this kind of thing. While most colleges offer some type of journalism or creative writing class, what they teach is form. This is not about form or sentence structure, as I don’t pay them much mind when writing content. Thankfully I have an excellent editor for that, my wife. My advice for writing content would Read the rest of this entry »

There has been close to four times the amount of visitors (hi and thanks 🙂 ) and one of the mentioned names did stop by in the comments. I have no proof, and honestly didn’t expect any raise of hands.
That’s not to say that it didn’t work. Several goals were met, and a few bonuses Read the rest of this entry »

People drop things by mistake all the time. I’d guess cellphones are the most often dropped item that I’ve come across, next to keys, sunglasses, and (my fav) names. People drop names all the time, some by mistake, others with intent.

I’m going to give it a try with some intent.

The set-up:

I’m going to test the power of Google Alerts, by Read the rest of this entry »

I would hope not, but it seems that the lovely US Justice Department (oxymoron if you ask me) has dropped the hammer on this.

The USJD thinks that all content on the net is not equal, and that big name providers like AT&T and Verizon should be allowed to charge for what they deem premium.

No surprise really. There has been talk around the net that AT&T may have some friends in high places and with things going the way they are, those friends are inline to make a considerable amount of money.


Funny thing, Google had some ads on my blog. I didn’t put them there. Really.

I found out that I rank #1 for a very useless, but cool keyword phrase: lavish life of an SEO

We all had a good laugh about it at work, and so did my wife when I got home. She clicked the link from the SERP’s page to see the post as she had yet to read it, and there they were, all over the post.