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So as you may know, I’m new to golf. I’ve been shown some really great tips from friends, and family alike, and I’m really starting to improve. My swing still looks like a crash landing instead of a clean take off, but the short game is coming along smooth. My oldest brother Tom gave me a subscription to Golf Digest for my birthday in August, and I received my first copy today in the mail. It’s the October 2007 issue, with a picture of Jack Nicklaus from the 60’s on it. The magazine features “Jack’s All-Time Basics” on the cover, and has a great article written by Jim Flick starting on page 90. What the cover doesn’t mention is that this very magazine contains the key to golf’s greatest secrets.

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I’m going golfing today.

to play golf like I do. I just picked up the sport, and have been hooked from day one. It’s odd that it took me this long to finally pick up, as my dad and my brothers, ALL play golf. Me, I was skateboarding. No polo shirt and khaki pants for me at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday, nooo way.

Things have changed since then, and golf snuck up on me.

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