You are currently browsing the category archive for the ‘Search’ category. why are you showing 1000’s of Portland homes for Camas Real Estate? Don’t you know Camas is in Washington and Portland is in Oregon?

Camas PPC Ad

Here is and example of a damn good Ad brought to you by Google’s extended content network on Who ever is running this ad for is doing a great job. is selling a Ghillie Suit for $79.95 while is running an ad for $69.95. I’d send a thank you note to ActionVillage. 😀

Bad AdSense Usage


I found out about a new search site today called Stumpedia. It’s based on user interaction and submission. You search for a term, see that there are no results, and add a link to something that you think would fit the bill. Sounds great right, yeah I thought so, I can make my own SERPs page!

Interesting Points about Stumpedia

  • Quick and Easy profiles
  • Voting system to combat spam
  • URLs can be tagged with multiple key words
  • Most Recent Activity on home page
  • Nothing in place to stop the spam

I made mention of the site to a few people here in my office, and they took to it like wild fire.

Matt Cutts was here

The site has alot of potential, but that swings both ways. Will it be overran with Black Hats and White Hats with gray linings? Will real people that are actually searching for things use it? Is Matt Cutts really watching????

Update: TheGypsy pointed out that “voting is global not on a query basis and the default for stuff seems to be wiki”

So if you’ve summited a URL for five varying key words and your site gets a -1 point on KW A, that -1 point will go to the URL across all terms you’ve submitted it to.