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It takes real manager skills to market information that the general public has access to. If the market that your are really focused on has access to advanced information, then the real challenge of the managing skills comes into play. Tracking the source of the information, and managing the creation of information are just parts of the puzzle. The really advanced access to your information must be managed as well. What does this all mean? Nothing, but if I were to try to rank for a phrase like “real marketing manager of advanced access” would this content help? Only time and Google can tell. Until then, I’m sure to be doing what I can to help the cause.


Something that I’ve always found of interest is the differences between Yahoo!’s multiple home pages for each region. It’s no big surprise that hey have deferent news stories highlighted on the home pages for Canada than they do for the UK, or for the US ect. But today, the news highlights on the homepage for Canada vs the ones for the US strike me as odd.

Is it just me, or wouldn’t you want to know about Bin Laden’s son speaking out about their intent? Well Yahoo! seems to think that the US would like to know 4 easy steps to starting a dream business, or perhaps the wonderful story of the kitten in a suitcase…

Everyone seems to have their own ideas and opinions on the subject of Keyword Density. Check your favorite SEO blog (don’t have one?) and I’m sure you’ll find an article or two on the subject.

While I have not directly posted on the subject before today, I have touched on the subject in my article about writing content. The post is also a representation of what I think is a good use of keywords in the content, also known as “Keyword Density,” as well as an example of a few other tactics to help your content get found in the search engines.

So, instead of following the pack and writing a report of the perfect ratio of content/keywords, I thought I’d post something a bit different. Read the rest of this entry »