to play golf like I do. I just picked up the sport, and have been hooked from day one. It’s odd that it took me this long to finally pick up, as my dad and my brothers, ALL play golf. Me, I was skateboarding. No polo shirt and khaki pants for me at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday, nooo way.

Things have changed since then, and golf snuck up on me.

I lived in Northern California for a time, in the gorgeous mountain town of South Lake Tahoe. It was there that some friends introduced me to Disc Golf. Same type of rule set as golf, get from point A to point B in as little amount of shots possible, but no polo and khakis in sight. It was the peace and quiet of being out on the course, surrounded by nature, that I loved. Plus, most people can throw a frisbee, excuse me, a PDGA approved disc.

Well when I moved back down So Cal, the Disc Golf courses just didn’t cut it. They were small, in public parks, or crammed into a dirt lot. Not quite the same setting that I was used to up at the lake. The complete lack of appeal, and the fact that there are almost no Disc Golfers around, has led to my bag getting very dusty.

About a year goes by, maybe 4, and the Nintendo Wii comes out. Friends get them, I get one, they’re fun. Wii Sports was a nice tie in with the purchase of the tiny system, and I had a blast playing all the different games, but really had no care to even look at the golf game, polo’s or not.

Then one day at a friends house during our lunch hour, a friend challenged me to a 3 hole round. I love a challenge, but I took convincing on this one. “I’ve never played any kind of golf, and it’s for old people” I threw in for insult, as he is way older than me, 3 months to be exact. After a few “your mom’s” from my older and more mature friend, I gave it a try. I’d love to say I beat him, but he’s old, and of course played a better game. We got some other friends from work to join, and we really started having fun. I got a bit better at playing the game, and somehow, thought I could golf for real. I was not the only one. I think it has something to do with the fact that you have to really swing the “Wii mote” when you play the game, so you end up tricking yourself into thinking “I’ve done this before, no problem.”

Well to tie this post up, 3 of us went out to try real Golf for the first time. We did a really good job, at tricking ourselves into thinking we could actually play. We all had a good shoot or two, Eric was amazing at putting, and I made it on the green from the tee box a couple of times. We had a great time, and I found something close to what I miss from living up north out on the course.


It’s funny how things happen sometimes. After nay-saying Golf for so long, it only took one game to get me hooked. Is there anything that you ever fought tooth and nail against, only to like it on the first try?