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Plurk is here, and after a few weeks of testing it out, I think here to stay. It’s a wonderful site for getting to know the more personal side of people (esp. in my industry), networking, and some heated debates. Plurk also sports a powerful feature, not yet seen on the other popular social site Twitter, called Cliques.

The headless Plurk Dog

There are several people that would say Plurk is a time waster, and that Twitter is where the “news” is at. I agree with that, but only because Plurk is still new compared to Twitter, and Cliques aren’t yet being used to their full potential… yet.

Creating Cliques is Quick

  • Click on the “My Friends” link at the top left.

Creating Cliques on Plurk

  • Click on the “Cliques” tab in the new window.

The Cliques Tab on Plurk

  • From here you can name your new Clique.

Creating New Cliques on Plurk

  • Now type in the names of the people you want to add.

Add Your Friends from Plurk

What to do with Cliques

Well now that you’ve spent the time to create Cliques on Plurk, it’s time to let the lucky people know they have been added. Cliques are missing the ability to invite your friends to join you, but there is a simple way around this! Check out ShirleyTipy’s blog to learn more about who and what to do with your privates on Plurk.

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