MSN has announced an open beta for their Microsoft Office Live Workplace. The idea behind the new service came from millions of Office users requesting access to their files via the net.

Could this be due to Google Docs ability to share your personal work with a group or collaborate on a project together, regardless of your OS over the internet? Well if that was what sparked the idea, Microsoft sure buggered it up. Read the rest of this entry »

Clock of time 

It really is so limited. Why do we then rush about in our day? Always waiting for something next, racing to some new destination, or looking forward to the next day more than the one you find yourself in now.

rushing people

Sit back, relax, it’s life. Take your time, there is no first place for finishing ahead of the pack.


Take a moment to look around, appreciate that what you have around you, and love that which appreciates you in return.

The next time someone asks you what kind of cookie you would be, think twice, you may end up a Ginger Snap.

Ginger Snap

Thanks to Mike Wilton for bringing boobs and beards together in ’08.

People say the silliest things. Managers included.

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This month marks the 6th month of posting on this blog. I’ve written for you over 31 posts, and you’ve all be kind enough to leave me 75 comments at the time of posting. 😀

So far I’ve posted on 20 different topics, some in the same niche, but overall the blog is a bit unguided. So I come to you asking for more comments, not on what I’ve written, but on what you would like to see written. Read the rest of this entry »

Comic about doing the Google Dance

It takes real manager skills to market information that the general public has access to. If the market that your are really focused on has access to advanced information, then the real challenge of the managing skills comes into play. Tracking the source of the information, and managing the creation of information are just parts of the puzzle. The really advanced access to your information must be managed as well. What does this all mean? Nothing, but if I were to try to rank for a phrase like “real marketing manager of advanced access” would this content help? Only time and Google can tell. Until then, I’m sure to be doing what I can to help the cause.

Being tall is not as fun as the short people may think it is.  Here are the top ten reasons why it sucks to be tall.  

  1. Everyone thinks you play basketball or that you should.
  2. Tall often means wide when it comes to clothing.
  3. Sitting in public transportation.
  4. Sitting in punblic restrooms.
  5. Beds, all of them.
  6. Bunk beds are bad enough to make number five on their own.
  7. Trees
  8. Small children running around in malls
  9. Bigger parents of the smaller children…
  10. Economy cars, they save on fuel and head room!

Think I missed one? Add to the list below in the comments section.

Something that I’ve always found of interest is the differences between Yahoo!’s multiple home pages for each region. It’s no big surprise that hey have deferent news stories highlighted on the home pages for Canada than they do for the UK, or for the US ect. But today, the news highlights on the homepage for Canada vs the ones for the US strike me as odd.

Is it just me, or wouldn’t you want to know about Bin Laden’s son speaking out about their intent? Well Yahoo! seems to think that the US would like to know 4 easy steps to starting a dream business, or perhaps the wonderful story of the kitten in a suitcase…

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