So much change, it’s everywhere you look. From Wall Street to Washington, Detroit to Dallas, real estate, cars, politics, the economy, and more, it’s all changing. I’m getting ready for change as well.

I’ve had this blog for over a year now, but have failed to keep it up to date. My last post was in the summer time and was about the social site Plurk. A few months later I was involved in a MVA (that’s doctor talk for motor vehicle accident) while on my way to work. The SUV that turned in front of me was not paying attention, as the driver never once noticed my car till we collided. The wreck totaled my Scion xA, but the air bags went off, and I had my seat belt on as well, so I made it out ok. I’m still getting treated for my neck and back injuries, but things seem to be improving.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Scion xA vs. a SUV would look like, here you have it.
Smashed Scion xA

The accident really made an impact on my life, affecting everything from work to snowboarding. The loopy drugs they put me on didn’t help with keeping work and clients in order, and dealing with the insurance company has been a test in and of itself. To be honest, my head still feels a bit fuzzy at times, and I’ve been medication free for over a month now. The doctors (I have a few now) all say it will pass. To add to the fuzzy head, my vision got a tad fuzzy too, so now I have “computer glasses” to wear. To say the least, I’ve been a bit down about the whole thing.

I find myself holding back. Hesitating to do what I know I have the talent to do. Why? Why do I, or you for that matter, hold back? We bite our tongue, or silence our thoughts, hesitate in action, if any action at all.

It’s self doubt.

The only person telling you that you can’t do something in this day and age is you. The world is changing, now is your chance to change with it.

Jump in, be yourself, you are the only one that can be.