April Fools only comes around once a year, and Office Pranks are just too hard to pass up.  While the most common of April Fools jokes tend to be, “I’m pregnant” and “Joe Died” type verbal banter, I like to go with a more creative hands on prank.  After getting a tip that all of the Directors were going to be in a meeting from 10 to 11, (thanks G) I quickly came up with an impromptu office prank to play on our Director of Customer Service.  Having no rope, glue, tar, or feathers, I had to improvise with the props at hand.

And so I bring to you my office humor loving readers, the Jungle Office.Office Pranks April Fools

Here we have an over the top view of my office prank on our Director of Customer Support.  You may also know him a B. Lumbergh from my Work IM posts.

Office Jungle April Fools

Relishing in the glory of my April Fools prank.  The chair I’m sitting in tends to be where write-ups are handed out.

April Fools Office Prank

Can’t hide the “Nice Smile”, even in a jungle.

The office pranks didn’t end there. Someone caught wind of the April Fools prank I pulled and thought they would join in the fun. The Director of Sales had his office (kinda) filled with chairs.


Yeah, I didn’t think it was that funny either.

After the meeting got out I was able to catch part of his reaction to the Office Jungle prank I pulled, just as he was marching off to find who done it.

Jungle Office Prank

You know he likes the new look, office jungles are soo in right now.
Cramming his office with every fake/real plant I could find wasn’t enough, and to be honest, he seemed to like it to much judging from the picture above.  He left for lunch about an hour later and while he was out, I removed ALL plants from his office (even the ones he had to begin with.)

I finished the day off by replacing the Director’s profile picture in the hall with a picture of the character Bill Lumbergh from the movie Office Space .

Have any great April Fools pranks you’ve played or heard about today? I’ve seen a few good office pranks today, but keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be April 1st to pull off a prank at the office.