This month marks the 6th month of posting on this blog. I’ve written for you over 31 posts, and you’ve all be kind enough to leave me 75 comments at the time of posting. 😀

So far I’ve posted on 20 different topics, some in the same niche, but overall the blog is a bit unguided. So I come to you asking for more comments, not on what I’ve written, but on what you would like to see written.

Did you like the Work IM posts that I’ve done? How about the Google comic I made? Perhaps you are here for the more serious and informative advice that I have on search engine optimization, and marketing. The advice I have for writing content has been very successful for myself, as well as the friends and visitors that found the information helpful. I’ve written a few personal posts as well, but I don’t feel that my readers come here to read about me.

I must give credit were credit is due. I wouldn’t of had this idea if it wasn’t for the great advice over at problogger.

So let’s hear it. “Is it business or pleasure Mr. Bond?” What would you like to see in a future post?