It is no easy task to write every day. Harder yet when you feel a need, and not a want. By nature I tend to not enjoy my haves as much as my wants.

When I want to write is not always when I can, so I’ve been writing on the go, scribbling in my note pad like some nut. My friends at work joke that I’ve got “the bug” for blogging, and it’s true.

The thing is, tonight I am not in the moment. A long day at work (filled with writing content) coupled with frustrations of purchasing my first PC ever, yes ever, have left me a bit dry for pleasant words. That said, blog when you’re in the moment. If you have a topic that you have a lot to contribute to, get it out, and instead of publishing a massive tablet of text that no marathon reader would finish, make it episodic.

I will of course be taking my own advice on this matter, and as a result, I should have some better publish times. I’ve been on record for posting between 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. nightly. Not the best time to publish, or try to promote a new post.

If you came looking for information about my “Alert Mailing” experiment, I’ll be posting my conclusion on the morrow. Early if the moment strikes me. 😉