People drop things by mistake all the time. I’d guess cellphones are the most often dropped item that I’ve come across, next to keys, sunglasses, and (my fav) names. People drop names all the time, some by mistake, others with intent.

I’m going to give it a try with some intent.

The set-up:

I’m going to test the power of Google Alerts, by dropping a few choice names. Of course a list of names just won’t do with a stunt, I mean experiment like this. 😀 Google Alerts shows more than just a link to the source, it has the content around the keyword that you have the Alert set for. So I’ve crafted some content to surround the names, I just hope the bait is right for each fish I’m tying to catch. Having Google send an email for you is one thing, getting the viewer of said email to visit the site based on the content is another story. It’s important to note that I am only doing this as an experiment, and not for any monetary gain.
The only thing I’m really after is a discussion.
If your Google Alerts brought you to this page, please at least say “here” in the comments, I’m a fan in one way or another. 🙂
Bonus points if you list the keywords that brought you here.

I really couldn’t agree more, DoshDosh is indeed really crazy when it comes to the way that she always seems to get right in and…

Kevlin, from that Apple Pie and Custard’s site had a post about using it in a different manner, which I agree is really very helpful, but this is very different.

It cracks me up when you think about it. Rand Fishkin, from SEOmoz, must have 20,000+ “admirers” on Mybloglog. So many have added him, and he has no one on his list.

Well, I stumbled across something that Hugh Meckeod had dropped. It was really interesting, I don’t think he knew I had read it yet either.

I must be honest here, as I don’t know Matt Cutts like others may, please don’t get mad at me Matt. I hated sandboxes in school, and I don’t like the look of yours. This is only a test. 😀

I’ve never read anything quite like it, this Aaron Wall fellow was going on and on, quite brilliantly to be honest, about the most amazing thing I had never heard of.

Of course, I can’t forget, Danny Sullivan. A journalist still to this very day, working hard at getting a good story out to those who want to read it.

I’m willing to bet that QuadsZilla the Black will get a kick out of this if he comes by to check it out. If he did end up getting that sexy English major for an intern, I’ll understand his absence.

His site looks great, and for such a young age, ViperChill seems to be on top of things. I wonder why it is that he started.

While John Chow, Andy Beard, and ShoeMoney may get a kick out of this, I’m sure they would have slapped some ads all over it.

Closing notes:

While all of the names are real, not everything said in the above “Alert Mailing” messages are. I would also like to note that I don’t personally know any of the names listed above, only a fan in one way or another. To be able to gauge the affectiveness of “Alert Mailing” I have chose to not link out to any of the blogs/sites that you own.

I will update this post in 48 hours of publishing with the full results of the experiment.

P.S. Thanks for picking it up for me. 😀