Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy you say? Nope, the other “SEP” a.k.a. Search Engine Placement.

“I know you handle SEO and SEM consulting, but what about SEP?”

Honestly, that phrase is crap in my opinion. Sure, it has a nice sound to it. Perhaps it instils some false sense of confidence in the purchasers of this “SEP” service, but really now people, Search Engine Placement has a real name, it’s called Pay-Per-Click. As someone that lives the lavish life as an SEO/SEM consultant, I have a hard enough time explaining to “net-n00bs” a.k.a. Family members and the like what it is that I do. Toss in this lovely phrase “SEP” and it just helps paint the picture of some douche hackin’ away at to get your site “placed” at the top.

What I truly want to know is this, who coined this phrase? I might be able to dig that info up somewhere, sure, but throwing names around and having you guys/gals do the work makes it all the more fun. I’d start my quest for truth with the people that were around “back in the day” and are still in the know today.