Yep, this is my very first “official” blog post. Sure I’ve had a few other postings on the net since its been around, but never a true blog. So, one needs to make a start at some point, and here is mine. While it may seem upon your arrival that you have found a deserted blog, I assure it is not the case here. I dare you to come back and catch me slackin’ on the postin’ if you think I am, email your complaints to Then make sure to check back the next day for updates! 🙂

What you can expect:Random

I like more things than I have time to think about them. So to put it broadly, anything found on Earth and/or in the Wiki could at some point be blogged about here. If your a techie SEO/SEM photo lovin’ snowboard riddin sushi fan of good music with a happy soul type of person that likes nature and hates Bush, then you may want to hang around, check back, and enjoy the show.

*You don’t have to like sushi, and if you like Bush, don’t leave, he needs someone to stand up for him.